How it all started and what artists may expect
I receive many requests from musicians who like to play here.
This event is free of charge for all visitors so far. Artists first of all should enjoy these Events, make new fans and friends.
You should rather look forward to an unusual week of holidays with other artists and gothic friends in a picturesque ambiente.
Everyone pays for his own journey. We don't receive any subsidies so far. There are small fees for your gigs and I'll help you to sell your merchandising articles and records.
Two years ago I was alone with my idea and then have met several equal-minded who soon became enthusiastic.
Inspired by the extraordinary people at the many similar events – the World Gothic Meeting (WGM)
and the Victorian Picnic in Leipzig – here in Majorca an annual event-week is about to develop.
Artists, photographers, models and many different people meet here to bring in and exchange their
affection for Gothic, Steampunk, Wave, Metal – just to name a few.
From all this resulted 2012 that fantastic concert with HydeXXI, which took place in a monastery yard with the benediction of the
local vicar. We all worked together, everyone how he could best, as well as the band members too.
Approximately forty listeners attended and it became a magnificent, very intimate concert in an idyllic ambience.
Afterwards we went to eat a Spanish paella.
Due to media interest every year attend more people. Over 500 visitors came to the 4 concerts in diferent locations and the victorian picnic on the playa 2013.
All the many errands, negotiations and preparations beforehand I did myself in my free time
and paid the advertising expenses. In other words: a one-week "black" meeting will take place
here again this year, with a lot of different activities: all voluntary and in general free of charge.
Since the year 2015 the bands started to arrange there own concerts.  
Thus I welcome all of you who want to take part and engage themselves. This annual meeting
is only possible with people who want to take over an active part, likewise the Wave Gothis Meeting in Leipzig got once started.
It is a pleasure for me to invite musicians who like to participate to me. You can stay
for free here at the enchanting finca Vista Randa. You may spend your time on the island
as you please and of course take part in our activities, and eat and talk together with us.
For your advertising, Marcell Waltzer, a fantasy-photographer from Germany and myself may
take photos or a video of you in extraordinary locations.
Your possible gig will probably take place in a club in Palma de Majorca or in a theatre. I offer to
negotiate whether equipment/instruments will be available and whether a fee can be paid.
(Range: 200.- up to 300.- Euro; if 100 – 200 audience.).
You should bring your guitars and small instruments, please. If you want to, I can try to organise a merchandising desk
where you may offer your CDs or t-shirts etc. Additionally I might organise interviews with the local media.
As for beginners, the event may be the spring-board for a great career.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, preferably please via the contact-system.
I'll answer as soon as possible.
     Your Beatrice de Son Bages.